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Cait's Cosplay
October 2009
Wed, Oct. 28th, 2009 08:56 pm

It's Halloween! Last year I didn't have much cash so I just rendered Dr. Keller from SGA's uniform. This year, I also don't have much cash, but Stargate: Atlantis is over. We have new Stargate now! And Stargate Universe's best character is by far Eli Wallace. He's a fan avatar if there ever was one! After the pilot I looked at his casual getup and thought, "I can do that in a day for practically nothing.... It's on!"

So, I did it. Letters and a nice quality t-shirt from Hobby Lobby and a zip up sweater on sale. The total cost ended up being $21. Naturally, I already had a pair of jeans. I also had the same sort of blue shirt he wears in the promotional photos. So, here I give you ghetto cosplay: girl!Eli.

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Tue, Mar. 17th, 2009 07:16 pm

The tacking of the tape and rearranging of the fur took a few hours over the course of about two days and caused much angst for the observing Sari. There were more than a few safety pins in the fur on the day it was worn. But, my goal was achieved. Saturday rolled around and the weather was pleasant, but chilly. I was warm and comfortable all day in my nice new getup.

There were only two massive problems. First, the wig is the same one that I loaned out to Alyssa to go out on the town in her loli gear back in Nagoya last spring. The plastic had warped and tangled and the wig was looking significantly less classy after all the wear she put it through. Silly me, I'd forgotten this and was a little anxious about it come con day. Second, the dress was just long enough and I was just short enough for people to walk all over me half a dozen times or more. Any time it happened, the others would just roll their eyes at me. Yeah, yeah. I know, I know.

Also, there was just no good time for photos. Or good places. The pictures below were taken in the skywalk between the hotel and crowne center after the masq. So, I'd been in the outfit for at least 10 hours and it was quite late and we were all quite tired. Ah, well. Goal achieved!

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Mon, Mar. 9th, 2009 10:28 pm

I've been moving a little bit slow, but with a con half a week away I'm actually quite pleased with my progress. Come, see what's on the slab.

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Fri, Mar. 6th, 2009 03:57 pm

Remember a few months ago? Before I got a cold? I was working again on a Sailor Mercury ensemble I'd started years ago. Worked on it again. I recovered the little piping/tubing around the waist above the skirt because the color of the foam underneath was making it look more off-white than white. Then, attached the bottom of the thing so it's all one leotard. Also, made two bows and assembled the collar. By and large not a finished cosplay, but it does have a nice shape to it.

Of course to wear it to an event I'd need to suddenly magically be much thinner. Well, here are progress photos anyway.

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And on to Naka-kon projects!

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Tue, Mar. 3rd, 2009 10:40 pm

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And with this, the last of the dresses in this batch is done! I only got pictures of her in about half of them, but that's ok. It is a shame, though, that I didn't get any photos at all of her in the red one. She loved it to pieces, it fit her like a glove, and it was technically kiddie cosplay. Oh, well.

It feels good to be working in grown up sizes again. I've got two outfits in the sewing queue to wear for the upcoming Naka-kon, one to just finish for maybe later/never, and some adjustments to make to Alyssa's Soul Eater jacket. After that, I'm working on a long distance collab with sunseenli. Fun! Also, a little busy...

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Tue, Jan. 13th, 2009 11:06 pm

It might not be nice to say, but after 5 dresses for Amber, I'm tired of it. But, I have three more to make. Well, two dresses and a cloak. I mentioned I didn't have fabric that would work for two of the requests Amber made and so Liz suggested we go fabric shopping. She'd pay, of course. Ugh. Just one more week of this, I guess. Then I can go back to crafts or clothing made for grown ups. Or those costume pieces needing touch ups and the like.

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I'm considering tossing out most of my older costumes. No reason to have them if I'll never wear them again. I'm sure at my current weight, half of them wouldn't even fit.

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Sat, Jan. 3rd, 2009 11:13 pm

Amber and Liz and the hubby stopped by today. Gave Amber the next dress in the set~

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Also, amber gave me a letter with a sketch of her next request: A cape. This girl wants me to work! Ah, well. No problem. If I can get myself to stop obsessivly organizing and cleaning out my room for a week, I could finish all of her requests easily.

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Sun, Dec. 28th, 2008 09:41 pm

I woke up sleepy, but managed to gain consciousness just enough to go to Crowne Center today with Liz and Amber. A little girls' day out, I suppose. There's a store there that sells items from local artists and craftsmen, you see, and in the back are a bunch of little girls' play dresses. Amber had her eye on one and shocked that I'd never been there Liz insisted that she show it to me. It was a nice time. We wandered in and out of a few places that seemed to be new since I'd been there last ages ago, ate a late lunch at Panera, and then headed back to my parents' house to fit Amber into the first of what I have estimated to be 7 new play dresses for her.

She immediately put it on over her leotard (for her class?) and started twirling it around. Perfect. She knew just how to pose and even though the girl at age 9 is more freakishly fit than I'll ever be in my lifetime, it was just about the right size. Going to have to make the skirts longer, though. Her mother miscalculated the waist-to-floor length when she sent me measurements.

As for the 6 other dresses, they are as follows: 1) The blue and black one from the previous post will have light blue curlie-ques embroidered on it and then it will be done. 2) The blue and green floal print dress will be hemmed and a zipper will be added and it will be done. 3) I cut out the pieces for a dress of two toned purple satin ruffles. Will be adorable, I hope. 4) I have shiny red fabric and shiny red netting that will hopefully be enough to render a variable ball gown with that pinned fall style. Don't know what it's called. Will have to just make it and post pictures. 5) At Crayola in Crowne Center, Amber drew a series of dresses she wanted including a fitted red dress with petals at the end based on the outfit of a "Gem Fairy" from a series of books. Cosplay yes? 6) She also drew out and requested an orange and yellow dress of a fairy from a series of "Weather Fairy" books. 7) She went on to draw out her own design of a forest inspired dress of leaf shapes and flowers in different colors which I hope I can render like she wants. That last one is the only thing I might end up buying fabric for: Not sure I own that much green.

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Also, I'm happy to say she's expressed interest in sewing herself. Though she's 9 and making her own designed fairy outfits might be a little far off, I'm guessing she won't need me for that many more years.

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Sat, Dec. 27th, 2008 12:26 pm

I finished the gold and dark red dress (but for the zipper) and have two others ready. This child dressmaking marathon is taking off!

This fabric is amazing. So shiny! And the texture has to be seen in person to be appreciated. Very fantasy like. The bodice piece there is a black velvety scrap fabric backed with cotton. I'm thinking of embroidering in white or light blue some curly-ques or some other pattern for some interest on this dress. It just feels like it needs a little extra to be really fun.

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Fri, Dec. 26th, 2008 12:11 am

Well, I graduated. And, I moved. For the time being I'm jobless and out of school and my parents have graciously offered to let me live with them until I've found a job. This has meant that I've spent the past week, since my graduation and move from my old college town apartment, trying to cram the past three years of stuff into my old childhood room. I had never completely abandoned it so it wasn't too hard. By far the most difficult thing to reintegrate has been my sewing junk. I have a lot of it and it has gotten quite spread around over the years. So, I made it my mission to consolidate it all and throw out the old and useless while neatly organizing and finding an appropriate place for everything else. The notions and the big things like the machine(s) were easy. The six boxes~ish of fabric have proven difficult. My hoarding instinct is kicking in. I want to keep it all!

So, I've bargained with myself: Get it down to three boxes. I got a big box and threw into it all the pieces of fabric that, well, just weren't useful. I've inherited a lot of strange pieces from different places and have so many left overs I'm not sure what half of them are from. Anything with a pattern, texture, cover, or size that just aren't going to be realistically useful ended up in this box. Step two of the bargain with myself is that I would not actually pitch anything from the box before I made an honest go at putting the stuff to good use. So, I messaged Liz on Facebook and got Amber's current measurements. She's been asking for a new dress for ages, but I haven't had the chance to make her anything in almost two years. She literally has come into my mother's office (as my mother is the nurse at her elementary school) and made requests for dresses because she knows we're related. I figure I can pull at least half a dozen dresses for the eager munchkin out of these scraps. I'll make and make and make from the box and when I'm done I'll have hopefully produced something useful to one little girl and have a nice, neat, cleaned out fabric stockpile.

I googled variations on fantasy and princess and dolly dresses for some inspiration. The first thing that struck my fancy was a red dress with gold beading. So, I dug around and found a dark red pile of leftover fabric not quite enough to make a full dress. I added some left over gold to augment, though, and came up with the pictured dress below.

The sash lays funny because it isn't attached. It's meant to be tied in a bow around her waist.

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The opening is supposed to be off center. The few inches of dots visible along the neckline were the start of the beading from yesterday. I finished the beading today: Two staggered rows along the neckline with one widely spaced row to create a fading effect as well as a simple row of gold beads along the opening down the front of the dress. I think it looks quite classy. Pictures of that tomorrow, perhaps. It is done but for the zipper. I'll need to buy one the right length in a matching color. So, the total cost of this dress will be around... $2.

I've started the second. I have this crazy blue shiny fabric with a texture like ice lines. I assembled a dress out of it with long sleeves and a circle skirt tonight and am going to put a velvety black bodice/corset like piece over it tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll embroider black curls up and down the front and along the bottoms but I haven't decided yet.

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